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Developing new wheat germplasm
with the next generation of key traits.

Wheat provides 20% of total calories consumed by humans daily worldwide.

Through developing novel wheat pre-breeding germplasm with increased yield potential, disease resistance, climate tolerance, bread making and nutritional qualities,  we aim to underpin a fundamental and critical path to sustainable and productive agriculture.

Data resources

Six key data partners have specialist open access data resources that meet different needs of the project

Focused on sustainability

Increasing yield, both intrinsic yield and closing of the yield gap, must be achieved with increased efficiency and sustainability with regard to fertiliser and water input.

Ensuring added value 

Aiming to enhance grain quality for human health, combat non-communicable diet-related diseases and improve the resilience of wheat production systems to biotic stresses.

Development for trait dissection

Accelerating the discovery and deployment of genes and alleles of high value for breeding to maximise impact from discoveries from the Designing Future Wheat programme.

Driving data for discovery

Ensuring the large-scale genomic, phenotypic and regulatory datasets emerging from the DFW work packages, will be annotated, integrated and disseminated to generate critical reference resources supporting interpretation and driving new avenues of investigation.